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Currently there are no scholarships available.

First Financial is pleased to recognize past winners of our Scholarship Program

2017 Scholarship Winners

Donnell Dashielle
Theresa Dettloff
Sara Flores
Shannon Lamb
Connor T. Matro
Colin Williams

2018 Scholarship Winners

Nwamaka Chugbo
Carrie Dam
Sara E. Flores
Daniel J. Fryar
Madison T. Hassler
Mario Munoz
Marcella A. Rose
Symone E. Sanz
Kaitlin J. Shao
Myles A. Simien
Anai L. Washington

2020 Scholarship Winners

Christian Alexander  •  Member Since 2019
Taylor Carpenter  •  Member Since 1996
Caleb Duran  •  Member Since 2019
Briana Johnson  •  Member Since 2019
Monica Madrid  •  Member Since 2015
Jacob Matro  •  Member Since 2002
Mario Munoz  •  Member Since 2016
Claire Nauman  •  Member Since 2020
Rachel Segura  •  Member Since 2019
David Sussberg  •  Member Since 2018
Anai Washington  •  Member Since 2018

2019 Scholarship Winners

Teagan Griffiths  •  Member Since 2010
Kristina M. Hiraishi  •  Member Since 2019
Briana L. Johnson  •  Member Since 2019
Nekendra Liddie  •  Member Since 2016
Griffin James Maffioli  •  Member Since 2002
Mario Munoz  •  Member Since 2016
Liana M. Salvador  •  Member Since 2007
Emmanuel Torres  •  Member Since 2005
Jeremy Dakota Villasenor  •  Member Since 2019
Cierra R. Watkins  •  Member Since 2003
Ashley R. Zaragoza  •  Member Since 2019
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