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Protect Your First Financial Cards

Direct Deposit: the Easy, Secure Way to Get Paid

Many employers offer direct deposit, a secure way to quickly get your paychecks electronically deposited to your checking or savings account. Contact your employer’s payroll management (e.g. Human Resources) to get started on the process.

Direct deposit is also helpful for your other recurring deposits: pension, Social Security, and other types of income. 

Info You’ll Need: Your Routing Number & Account Numbers

To get direct deposit for your First Financial account, you will need to provide your account with suffix and routing number.

First Financial Routing Number

Our routing number is 322277281.

 This is where your First Financial Member number appears on your checks.    The last 2 digits is where you will find the 2-digit suffix for your Checking account.


Once you’ve established direct deposit, you’ll have secure access to your funds. No more hassles that come with paper checks! Plus, with Online & Mobile Banking, it’s easy to manage your money 24/7.  

Your Account (Member) Number in Mobile

You can find your account (member) number by tapping "Details" under Checking Account.

Tap Prime Checkings

Tap “Checking Account”

Tap Details

Tap “Details”

Your Member Number

Your account (member) number is next to "ACH number"

Have Questions?
If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 537-8491 or visit your nearest branch