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Earn high yields with SuperSavers, our liquid-savings account!

Relationships Grow, Yields Multiply 

See how your loyalty can pay off with our Relationship Share Certificate (CD)

Earn up to 4.75% APY* on a 6-month Share Certificate. View other rates and terms below.

Potential Earnings on a 6-Month Share Certificate (CD):

6-Month Term
Sample Deposit
Potential Earnings
Plus 1 relationship product $10,000
Plus 2 relationship product
Plus 3 relationship product $10,000
Plus 4 relationship product

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Qualifying First Financial Relationship Products

Active Visa Debit Card • Auto Loan • Individual Retirement Account (IRA) • SuperSavers • Platinum Visa • Real Estate Loan Multiply your yields with us!

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. A minimum of $500 opening deposit is required for a Relationship Share Certificate. You must have a FFCU Checking Account and Online Banking to be eligible to open a Relationship Share Certificate account and to earn additional dividends from other relationship/qualifying FFCU services. Certain qualifying services will only count as one service each from the following categories, regardless of the number of these services that you have: active debit cards, credit cards, SuperSavers, IRAs, Auto Loans, and Real Estate Loans. Regulations prohibit paying dividends in excess of available earnings. Note: Dividend yield will be increased for a maximum of 4 elective products/services, any additional electives will not result in further increases. In addition, the elective products/services must be under the same account number as your Relationship Share Certificate account. Refer to your Truth-in-Savings Agreement or call for complete details. Rates are subject to change without notice. Early withdrawal penalties may apply. Earnings may be reduced if fees incurred. Other terms, conditions and restrictions may apply.


Check out this comparison for a 6-month share certificate (CD)

First Financial Relationship Share Certificate up to 4.75%  APY
Chase 0.01% APY
Bank of America 0.03% APY
Source: A third-party source was used for rate, fee, and product comparisons as of 7/1/24. Information, including minimum opening deposit amounts, may vary at each institution.

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